Friday, May 14, 2010

My Top Ten TV Shows

This is my list of the Top Ten TV shows (as of now) and remember, this is my opinion, so don't go all crazy on me. I do suggest you watching these shows if you haven't already (especially number 4 and 5 on the list).
- no spoilers and in no specific order -
key: * made me tear up once ** a few times *** a LOT!!!

1. Freaks and Geeks - One of the few shows accurately depicting the teenage life in high school. It's set in the early 80's with a great cast of actors/actresses. An Apatow creation, so you know to expect some funny dialog. Many MANY memorable moments, especially the drumming audition. **

2. The Simpsons - Solid and brilliant cartoon and though it had its really low points, it's back on track. **

3. Futurama - I was against watching it at first, but from the first to last episode, "Futurama" has been consistently funny. **

4. Battlestar Galactica - A beautiful action-drama in space. It consists of creative cinematography, well-developed characters, an engaging musical score, and story-lines that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. I cannot stress enough how amazing this series is. Even if you're not a big sci-fi person, this show is definitely still incredible. I recently finished watching it and I'm already planning on re-watching it. ***

Here's the awesome opening scene to the series.

5. Six Feet Under - Another show I was skeptical at first, but the characters drive the story. Definitely the most emotional show I have ever watched. The show deals with all aspects of life and embraces the viewer into the characters' lives. The story is about a family that works and lives in a funeral home. Each episode opens with a death that eventually brings us to the funeral home. Make sure to watch it with a friend or a loved one, it'll make it a more memorable and enjoyable experience, plus you'll need someone to cry with. ********

Most of the random death scenes in the beginning are based off of real life stories.

6. Dexter - Such a wonderful and sick concept, how can you not love it? I think it's brilliant that the audience sympathizes with a serial killer. Keeps you guessing almost every episode. *

Opening credits

7. Arrested Development - Hands down (I hate that phrase), the funniest show I have ever seen. So many quick and subtle jokes and references made to earlier episodes, that it makes this show's replay value infinite. *

Very limited clips on youtube.

8. Extras - I don't think a show can get any more awkwardly funny than "Extras". Every episode stars a famous actor or actress playing an exaggerated or false version of themselves (e.g. Kate Winslet, Chris Martin, Ben Stiller, Orlando Bloom, and so on). Although the show is mainly awkward situations and hilarious dialog, there's an emotional value embedded into the main characters. * (Although it was once, it was a big one)

Insecure Orlando Bloom

9. The Office (UK Version) - Just like "Extras", the awkwardness is there, but only within the character of David Brent (Michael Scott's equivalent). A slower and more subtle office, but definitely just as funny and with more realistic written characters. *

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David isn't afraid to speak his mind and that's what causes most of the conflicts his character faces in each episode. The negative thoughts we keep in our heads are the things that Larry David blurts out to make a point.

Honorable Mentions: South Park, Heroes, The X-Files, The Office (U.S. Version), 30 Rock, Tim and Eric Awesome Show (Great Job!).

Shows That I'm Planning to Watch: Deadwood, The Wire, Breaking Bad, the rest of Mad Men, Spaced, Band of Brothers, and True Blood.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

AETP - Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People

I'm going to start my own organization like PETA, but for the people, BY THE PEOPLE!!! (slams fist down). It's about unethical treatment to humans by animals, like being stung by a jellyfish, a bear clawing a hippie-PETA camper, and even the little things like insect bites from asshole mosquitoes.

PETA's a non-profit organization, fuck that! Mine will be a profit organization (cha-ching!). How many times have you feared for your life on a peaceful hike only to be interrupted by a hissing snake or some animal with sharp fangs? You think to yourself, "Man, I don't need this shit, I got fat to burn, skylines to see, and a steak dinner waiting for me at home! Leave me alone scary animal!".

I'm not asking for $20, $10, or even a $1, but with $100, you can help animals from being cruel to you.

C.E.tothemuthaf-ingO. of AETP
Mustafa Sayed

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nightmares on my Back Street

I have nightmares every now and then, like once a month, but I realized that each one has something in common. Every time I wake up, I'm sleeping on my back!!! (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!). Now these nightmares aren't the ones where I forgot I was taking a class and missed 3/4 of the semester or that my teeth have fallen out, these nightmares are fucking HORRIFYING!!! The number one thing that make them so terrifying is that they feel 100% real. They were so bad that I was afraid to fall back asleep again thinking I'm going to continue these scary ass dreams. One time I woke up with my heart pounding out of my chest and I couldn't go back to sleep for hours.

I went online and found out that I'm not the only one who has nightmares when they sleep on their back. In most of these bad dreams, I'm physically paralyzed and that is a horrible, horrible, suffocating feeling that no one should ever experience.

A few nights ago, I woke up from a normal dream, but I was sleeping on my back and I immediately thought "Oh shit, gotta flip now!".

Gonna go to sleep now...on my stomach fo'sho!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I was playing volleyball earlier and when I sprung up to hit the ball, I landed on my right big toe like a ballerina throwing her career away. Instead of the toe bending outward so the heel can follow, my toe bent inward, I fell into the fetal position, and let out a huge "FUCK!". I went home and iced it and it's already feeling better, but I gotta take it easy now :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

7 Days of Moustache Adventures

I always wanted to try out the mustache look but I was always hesitant, so I came up with the idea to take a vote on facebook. I wrote a status update saying, "if I get 30 'like's, I'll leave a mustache for a week", so if my mustache looks bad on me, the people are responsible for it, not me (muhahaha, twirls mustache in a very evil way). So as soon as I posted the status update, I had 5 "like"s in a minute and that's when I knew that I was in trouble. By the end up the day I had an overkill of 38 "like"s.

I'll admit, the attention was nice and I was excited to go through with it, but I had to wait a week for my facial hair to grow. When the day finally came, I shaved my beard and left the mustache. I was actually really digging the look, especially when I went to the shooting range. Holding a gun, sporting the v-neck, and borrowing my brother's aviator glasses felt so right. Then I went to the beach the following day and I felt like a dirty perverted pedophile. As the days went by, I was more and more embarrassed about the mustache and couldn't wait to finally shave it off.

Day 1 - Don't mess!
Day 2 - Hey there kids!
Day 3 - ¿Cómo estás?
Day 4 - His mustache is better kept =/
Day 5 - My Name is Earl
Day 6 - Feeling like a dirty guy again
Day 7 - Last day! Fackayouuuuu mustache!

Friday in Love

I thought this image (under the video) was fun and cute to look at while listening to the Cure's "Friday I'm In Love". Of course I'm starting to forget what all those feelings feel like, but it's nice to know some people are crazy in love.

Social Networking

After watching Julie and Julia, I was inspired to start blogging again, but this time, I don't want to make announcements via facebook or by having emails sent out every time I post a new blog. No one really knows I'm writing new blogs unless you happen to stumble upon it and I like that, mainly because it takes away the pressure to write. Earlier though, I saw that I had one new Google Buzz update and I clicked to check it, only to find out that it's posting my new blog entries, frack! (fixed)

I'm planning on becoming more active on twitter, updating my random and funny (or at least I think they are) thoughts. I'm just waiting for the twitter application on facebook to start working so my "tweets" go straight to facebook.

Anyways, this is all really only a fraction of my day, but it's like having a public diary (minus the cute book cover).

bye y'all!