Sunday, May 17, 2009

Magic Bathrooms and Kitty Cats

My peak of creativity takes place either on the toilet or in the shower. On the toilet, it's like I'm shitting out life's worries and flushing them away, and in the shower, I'm in absolute peace. The water from the shower head acts as this warm protective armor, making me feel safe and at my maximum pure-tential (purity+potential). I really begin to figure out life, but as soon as all the soap's washed off, I'm like, "ehhhh, life's answer can wait. Back to the crazy world" (as I tie my cape around my neck).

Seriously though, if you need epiphanies, take a long ass shower. Maybe you'll have an epiphany on how to conserve water by not taking long ass showers.

So I'll be adopting a kitten this week (about 7 weeks old) and I'm super excited (and I just can't hide it). I'm having great difficulty coming up with a name for him, but it's also fun that I get to name him. So far, these are the options:

- Simba (because my name sounds like "Mufasa")
- Butters - South Park
- Spaghetti - from ATHF
- Yoda - Star Wars
- Yoshi - Super Mario Brothers
- Bjork - Bjork

You're probably thinking "WTF?", right? I'm trying not to give it a generic cat name or a human name and yes, "Bjork" is not a human name, she's not human, but she is an amazing artist. Help me out with this one; what do you guys prefer or suggest? Hopefully these picture help.


Rana said...

Awww!! So cute!!! Ok here's some Spicer input:
Nathan and Elijah both vote for "Yoda". Jason votes for "Simba". Rana votes for "Yoshi". Simba is my 2nd choice.

Mandy Wong said...

Butters... you can't use Yoshi, you already used it.

Cori said...

Kittehs! He looks like a Butters to me, but this is coming from someone who named her kits Maeby (Funke, from Arrested Development) and Pixel Invader.

Mustafa said...

@Rana - I like that the whole family was involved with my blog :) I'm leaning towards the Yoshi/Yoda names

@Mandy - I only got to use Yoshi for like two days, so it didn't count...yeah... :(

@Cori - OMG! That's awesome. I love Arrested Development and Maeby's a perfect name! Maeby or Shirley. Hmmm, now I'm thinking of AD names; Tobias? Gob? Ann Yong? (Ann Yong!)

Raymomomo said...

I'd say.. Bitchface.

Andrea said...

Honestly, Simba freakin kills me b/c its too perfect(esp if it was a tan cat).. but the kitty does look more Yoda-ish...

Anonymous said...
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