Friday, May 1, 2009

Are You High?

While I was in the middle of my transaction inside Washington Mutual today, the teller to my right called the next person in line and made a "I don't need this right now" face. Out of curiosity, I turned around to see an old man with a shoebox sized container full of coins slowly walking towards the teller. Although she seemed like she didn't want to deal with counting pennies, she smiled and was jokingly friendly with the old man.

Wamu Girl: Hello
Old Guy: How is your day?
Wamu Girl: It was good (giggles)
Old Guy: It "was" good? (doesn't giggle)
Wamu Girl: Yeah, until now (giggles again with a hint of regret).
Old Guy: Why? (still not giggling)
Wamu Girl: Because of this (taps on coin box)
Old Guy: Don't worry, it's exactly $50 (in a very anal retentive manner)
***42 second pause***
Old Guy: Are you high?
Wamu Girl: Excuse me? (totally thrown off by the question)
Old Guy: Are you high?
Wamu Girl: Am I...high?
Old Guy: Yeah, are you high?
Wamu Girl: I don't understand

Then I had this instantaneous thought process...
He asks, "are you high?"
-> her eyes must be red
-> I look at her eyes, not red
-> he asks again
-> he slightly sounds offended by her, "it was good", comment
-> but he doesn't look offended and he's too old to use that expression
-> he asks again................and then it hits me!
-> holy shit! I'm in Glendale, she's Armenian, and I
finally picked up on his accent.
-> the dude-man's Armenian!!! asking if she's
Hye, as in Hayastan, a type of Armenian.

Right after I made my delayed conclusion, dude-man asked, "are you Armenian?", she goes "ohhhhhh", and I tuned out satisfied.

On the way out, I passed him and tickled him real quickly to finally hear him "giggle", but he just turned around stern-faced and asked, "are you high?" and I said, "as a kite", we high-fived and made out. The End.

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Mandy Wong said...

Random unrelated to the topic picture of the day... unless your eyes were red.

Lara said...

Glendale Times wants their article back