Thursday, April 30, 2009

WTF? $1.75 KERN'S

So I paid $1.75 for a can of Kern's today ..........................................(tumbleweed even stops from shock). I think this calls for an appropriate and exclusive use of, "I know, right?". So I checked to see if there was anything special about the can, answers to my math test inside, transforms into a kaleidoscope, but nothing! Turns out that the prices of goods have gone up if they are Swine Flu free! just kidding, that would suck.

Lately, my backyard gate has been highly entertaining. It started to learn English and only speaks when I let it swing shut. Instead of going back and deleting what I wrote, I'm going to acknowledge that I said "started to learn English" as if it speaks other languages; I guess it did sound French before that, "oh-hoh-hoh". Every time I walk through it, it says "Shortieeee" in the manner of a rapper hollering at a big booty girl ( Maybe it's calling me short, but it can't be, because I'm taller than the gate, so it has to have heard the rap music blasting from the neighbor across the street.

I am currently at the library right now and on the rare occassions that I am at one, I like to play the, where's-that-strange-sound-coming-from, game. I often hear someone sleeping and so I purposely get up to confirm it, only to find out it's some Korean guy with a breathing problem, damn.

I've been running a lot lately. My favorite types of runs are Trader Joe's runs............(tumbleweed's shaking his head). Last time I was at TJ's, I was very excited to re-experience the white cheddar Unburied Treasure corn puffs, only to find a Korean guy with a breathing problem, but seriously, they were sold out! I first tasted the White Cheddar puffs with the corn puff hogging sisters in Virginia, Lara and Rana.

Side Note: They call their dad, "Baba", and mom, "Mama"; noticing the "_a_a" trend going?

Anyways, the eating rate with those things are uncontrallable, so becareful. I settled with their Sour Cream and Caca version, which wasn't as good (too much caca).

I'm off to Trader Joe's!
(one hour later)


Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice. I like the Kern's Kaleidoscope. I think Kern's knows that no matter how expensive they make their guava juice you and mom will still buy it.

You forgot to mention that the door makes a high pitched, falsetto "shorteee!"

Funny stuff


Mandy Wong said...

HAHHAAHAHH I re-read this post (wide awake now) Korean guy with a breathing problem hahahhahha so freakin true, they're always at the library! Shorteee!

Rana said...

I'm so glad you got the chedder puffs in the end. Those things are so addictive!!!

I'm loving the blogs. Keep 'em coming!