Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Perfect Boyfriend

When it comes to relationships and finding a good match, there are always expected essential qualities needed in that person you're looking for, like they must have a sense of humor, be smart, be polite, etc., but what about the specific qualities that you're not prepared for?

I started my relationship with Lara unaware that there were some distinct expectations that I had to meet to be her perfect match and luckily I was able to unknowingly fulfill them.

Distinct Expectation #1 - Ability to handle raw meat with my bare hands.

Yuck!!! Ewwwwww!!!

Distinct Expectation #2 - Killing insects for her


Hurry insect! Run before Lara sees you alive. RUN!!!

Normal Expectation #3 - Always willing to listen

No problemo

That's so bullshit! I shot him first!

hmm...maybe I shouldn't have posted every picture.


Lara said...

hahahahaa your facial expressions are priceless as expected.

And don't you think I don't notice those bombs going off in the background while we're on the phone. You can lie to me all you want as long as you remove those bugs on my command.

Cori said...

I'm the generally bug wrangler in my relationship, too.

I linked to you in my post today... yet another way to drive traffic :)

Mustafa said...

@Lara - I have the volume wayyyy down :)

@Cori - You're the bug wrangler in the relationship!? Is Brandon squirmy around bugs? Anyways, the whole linking my blog to yours is so awesome! Thanks!

Rana said...

This is so truthful its dangerous. I love your blog! Keep writing!!!

Mandy Wong said...

Zach Braff!!!!!!!

Mandy Wong said...

More polls!