Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ninja Turtles vs. The Terminator

I was about nine and I remember hiding under the dinner table with the over-sized tablecloth that was long enough to shut me out from the adults so I can play with my toys. I felt safe, invincible, and for some reason, inaudible. I'm sure my parents snickered every time they heard my awesome explosion sounds emulated by my lips and saliva bubbles. What I heard was completely different; I heard strong heavy punches and kicks, glass shattering, bones breaking, lava oozing with bursting bubbles of fire, and the manliest voices for all my characters. My characters had to be from a different planet, for I did not have a consistent line of toys; A typical battle would consist of a mutated turtle and a robotic terminator from the year 2029.

I tried to look for a photo of one of my favorite He-Man toys that I "borrowed" from my older brother, but had no luck finding it. A word of advice, don't google image search "he-man blue", because you'll end up seeing a picture of skeletor boning he-man.

I never got tired of creating new storylines, placing the characters in new settings (ie backyard, parents' room, bathtub with WATER!), and my favorite, switching a character from good to evil and vice versa. My childhood was simple and as I like to believe, imaginative.

Oh the memories :)

[Star Wars figures provided by Mandy Wong as a birthday gift :) ]


Raymomomo said...

i feel this post on so many levels. mostly around my balls though. you should do a photo collection of people and their favorite childhood toys if they still have them.

Mustafa said...

That sounds like a really good idea. Do you still have your favorite toy? I smell a photoshoot!

Dude, your profile "About Me" section is really funny. I really laughed out loud at the use of the word "splitsies".