Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guitar Queer-o

I know I'm going end up sounding like the many who complain about crappy music, but I'd rather complain about it than listen to it. Rap is too easy to make fun of, country obviously blows, but it's the guitar playing pop dudes that somehow go unnoticed.

They all sound the same. They all use that "cute" raspy voice that doesn't require any vocal talent. The guitar playing is simple, yet effective amongst weak minds, and they're all dressed by the same wardrobe lady. As soon as one of these whiny guitar songs come on, I think, "this is either Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, David Cook, Dashboard Confessionals or Russel Crow getting his nuts stuck on his zipper".

Jazon Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, David Cook, Dashboard, Russel Crow's nuts all learned how to make it from this video:

*blog title taken from a south park episode title


Reza said...

Hey, the cute raspy voice requires talent!

Funny blog.

lauren kubota said...

first. yes to everything, it needed to be said.

second, you forgot maroon 5, and maybe snow patrol if they're even around anymore.

third, "country obviously blows." made me snort with laughter. got checked out for swine pox, don't have it. yay!

haha this reminded me that after i got robbed last week, my bf played me a backstreet boys song on the guitar to make me laugh (obviously. i mean, is there any other purpose to playing a backstreet boys song? no!).