Saturday, July 11, 2009

Damn Drivers!!!

I had a terrible driving day today. I was seconds away from becoming the Incredible Hulk (I wish). I experienced two of the three different types of bad drivers: First was the super duper slow lady. I experienced the stupid slow lady three times in one trip (each a different stupid lady). I try not to honk, but by the time I was stuck behind the third lady, I slammed my palm against the steering wheel, which unfortunately made no noise; perfect opportunity missed! argh!!

Then earlier tonight, one of those, who think they're professional nascar racing, Fast and Furious imitating, fuck faces, zoomed in and out of my lane in front of me, trying to race his way home before his parents beat the living shit out of him for borrowing their car.

There must be some personality test taken along with the driving test. There are so many incapable, cuntable, and irresponsible drivers out there. I want to rip their hearts out and wash their windshield by using their heart as a sponge.

The third type that I cannot stand are the bad left turn makers. I'd be in the left lane and the street perpendicular to where I'm at have left turn makers coming inches away from hitting my car, because they don't have to stay within the lines.

So frustrating!

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